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Converstaion With A Starship Captain?
transcribed by Gail Allen from Project Camelot Interview

For this transcription I have concentrated on the 'Anonymous' portion of the conversation. All of the information surrounding this groundbreaking story is important and I'm not trying to ignore it, but feel sure David will transcribe the whole interview for his Part II of these continuing developments. There were some words that I couldn't understand and have noted those places in the transcript. If you download the mp3 Interview and read along as you listen you'll be able to grasp the intended tone and inference. Please Contact me with any corrections you might find. I went through it twice, but still, I could have overlooked some mistakes.

Project-Camelot-32k-121411.mp3 Starting at 00:45:15

A = Anonymous
K = Kerry Cassidy
D = David Wilcock

K: Caller, are you on the air here? We've got Anonymous on live.

A: Aye, you're talkin' to me?

K: Hi there.

A: Hi there.

K: Thank you so much for coming on the call. I do understand that you work in a very sensitive capacity, that you were just notified of the situation with David Wilcock ... that you are concerned. We welcome your presence here on the air with us tonight. David will be happy to answer all of your questions and will go over everything for you. David say hello to Anonymous.

D: Hi there.

A: Hi there, David ... err ... I understand you've got a few problems there.

D: (sigh) Yeah, uhh ... it hasn't been a very good day.

A: What can you tell me at all? What's been happening to you lad?

D: I have been following this Benjamin Fulford story for a long time. He's been talking for two years now about a lawsuit that was going to be filed that goes back to the Chinese, the Kuomintang, who had gold that they sent to the Federal Reserve in 1938 on seven battleships. The uhhh, bonds were issued against that gold it's all being kept secret. It's part of a vast trove of gold that is held as collateral against the world's economies. They are actually not fiat bubble money, they're secretly backed by gold. Very, very few people know this. You probably do, but most people don't. The Kuomintang are trying to get that gold repatriated or at least get a fairer representation. Apparently it has caused a great deal of turmoil that they are doing this. And this lawsuit, I think, even though it was filed, it's official, it's on record with, and it was covered by Courthouse News Service, apparently these people who threatened me were very, very angry that I put all this story together about the lawsuit to try to reclaim this lost Chinese gold. Uhhh, they threatened BF apparently, he disappeared for a day and a half. There was a television show he was supposed to be on. The people on the show said live on the air that he had been detained by a CIA type group and held against his will in a hotel. Then Fulford shows up a day and a half later, calls the guy on the lawsuit who I'm now in contact with, and said, "Ohhh no. I'm fine. I just went off to the mountains and had fun with my wife then I came home and I went to sleep." Whereas Chodoin Daikaku, this guy who's apparently the head of the martial arts societies, karate and aikido in Japan, goes on the television show the next day and says that in fact he negotiated for Fulford's release, that it was very nasty. And so I posted all this on my Web site including the videos to document it. The very next morning I get this phone call saying that if I wanted to put out part two of my article, I better do it tonight because there may not be a tomorrow for me. That's the situation I'm under right now.

A: Umm...well you better put out part two then.

D: (laughs) Soon as this show gets done I'm going online and that's what I'm doing.

A: Let's not disappoint 'em, eh. Make sure you don't leave anything out. Put everything in. Put it all in. Let the world know.

D: Okay.

A: And we'll be watching, eh.

D: I think it's time. I think it's time.

A: We'll be watching and we'll see. Who was the laddie who rang you? Would you be kind enough to leave your phone number, so you could talk to me?

D: Uhh, yeah, I mean, the insider who called me I can call whenever I want, uh, he was called by two other people, one of whom said, "Do you like David Wilcock? And then you know well uh, you know you might want to talk to him while you still have a chance."

A: Well, David, we like you. And we'd be *really* unhappy if anything was to be happening to you.

D: I appreciate that.

A: I hope you'll make that clear to all the earth and all the folks out there listening, in all the communities that we all know about.

K: Would it be helpful if David were the type into the Skype here a phone number where you could reach this contact?

A: Well it'd save me looking it up in the phone book lassie.

K: (laughs) Right, so David if you're able to type in that information I think that would be very helpful. I have a theory on who this is and I believe that person may be standing by. If they're not standing by, if there's a way for you to make that possible or if somebody else who's with you can do that, that'd be great.

D: Well this person would not come on the air, but I'm..

[cross talk]

A: Oh no,'s alright ... I'm after a bit of humanitarian work here, and I don't think there'll be anything happening, but don't worry too much.

D: I appreciate that, and I know that if you get grumpy then some people will be very upset.

A: Ahhh, hate to be grumpy. It's Christmas time and all there. Don't want to be grumpy.

K: So this is just for the people that are on this, this is a private phone number, it's not to go out on the air. Is not to be called under any circumstances. Other than by our very illustrious guest who is on a secret jobsite out in the larger world.

D: Yes, please call. Please make that connection and ... ummm ...

A: I have something to say to you, for all you heroes (hearers?), and you don't know this David, the gold you're talking about is a small amount of gold. It's not a lot of gold when you consider the amounts of gold we're dealing with. We deal with vast amounts far in excess of what you think you know about. The gold is so wide, and so vast, that the real problem is how to keep it all down, and keep it quiet. It doesn't matter, the [?] of diplomacy is long gone. And the low level fellows that try to think they that they're somehow ? got nothing to do with it. And if any of these little lads who hang on with their public service jobs want to create a little problem ... ohhh, let's create a big fucking problem. Sorry for the language, I've been out here in the field too long. But we know where they all live too. We know where all their families are. We know where everybody is.

K: That's very important. I think it bears repeating because your voice is faint ...

A: Well I'm a long way away lassie. If you only knew how far away I was. I'm so far away you wouldn't believe.

D: [explains what A: has said and stuff]

K: [asks if a lot of this gold is being taken off-world]

A: Well, it gets put everywhere you know. It's all over the place. It's not in one spot. You wouldn't want to put all your eggs in one basket now would you?


K: D: [more discussion]

K: [marker 01:03:10] Anonymous, are you there?

A: Aye, I'm still here.

K: [asks A: if these kinds of death threats are psy-op]

A: I think they're just trouble makers. They don't like it. It ruins their reputation.

K: (laughs) That's a pretty tall order to ruin the reputation of the Illuminati, but I guess they're gonna work on it. Can you elaborate.

A: Yeah, we've got a simple rule: If you tell it, tell the truth. Don't embellish, tell the truth and don't compromise anyone's privacy ... their address', their families ... and you're as safe as if you're in a bank vault full of gold.

D: [talks about himself telling the truth and reads an e-mail from his contact telling him the same thing and asks him to remove some stuff from Part I]

A: Well, I just said that, now didn't I?

D: Yes, that's what he's saying.

A: Then we gave the same advice.

D: [continues to read]

A: David, David me boy, that's all fine. I'm not a good numbers man with all of this sort of thing, but let me tell you this, so all your readers and listeners can know. There's many more 10's of millions of tons of fine precious metals around the place than you'd ever imagine. What you're talking about is a sand bucket full of nonsense. It doesn't matter. It's little. It's unimportant. And all those little fellows that are so far down the ladder, they're all buzzing around like ants trying to fight for the bread crumbs from off the table.

K: [asks if the threats are basically coming from a lower level]

A: They're a bunch of fools as far as I'm concerned.

K: [tells everyone a .pdf has been made of Part I and asks A: to clarify that there's plenty of gold and the people making threats over certain gold are off base]

A: Very much so. These little offshoots, and these little cells that grow independently, they're all concerning at times, but if they become too noticeable for us, we'll go and have a talk to them. So they should be mindful of who they threaten. You've heard about the big fish that eat the little fish and then the shark comes along and eats the bigger fish. Well, they might be a tasty little meal for us. And I'm not in the public relations department, I'm sorry ma'am, I'm not in the public relations. I don't have to talk softly or gently or say the right sort of things. I mean I'm accepting the call because of a mutual friend.

K: [notes that D: is like family and asks A: if he'd put it that way]

A: Well let me say this, as far as I'm advised, if anyone bothers this lad or a few of the others around trying to tell the messages that they're telling, we'll be highly pissed off. And it won't be one or two that'll have a headache I can assure you, countries will have headaches. And if peoples out there who are listening, will know what I'm talking about. We don't deal in ones and twos. We deal in whole societies.

K: [doesn't want to encourage this kind of talk]

A: Ma'am I'm sorry. You're talking about things at the sharp end of the business. There's none of this funny woffie, soffie stuff that you guys go on about. We're very serious. Nobody is to be interfered with unless they do the wrong things. As long as they don't break the rules, which are simple. Tell the truth and don't compromise any of the other little people's privacy. Simple as that. Not too hard to follow, eh?

K: [assures D: she's close and there for him should he need anything]

A: And David, David me boy, I'm sorry to interrupt ma'am, but I'll be up having some snow skiing and meeting some of those lovely friends of mine in Asia. We're going to have a lovely get-together in about a week, so I'll be talking about you to make sure I know you're alright. And the leaders of these countries will also be real interested to know that you're alright and you're freely publishing whatever you want, so longs as it's the truth. We'll be very upset if we don't see all your publications. I want you to send everything out, everything you can think of my boy. Put it all out there. A lot.

D: Okay, honestly Kerry, I was going to flee...

A: Don't you flee. Go and have a lovely dinner. I'll bet you're one of the fellows that likes dining in around Los Angles somewhere around the beach. Go and do that.

D: Okay

A: Go and do that, and if you've got any doubts, put 20 or 30 little drives, those little thumb drives, put 20 with friends you trust, put another 20 around the world that's people you don't even know. Give them someone to dish out to tell everyone. And that way you'll fuck 'em all.

D: I've already done that.

A: Gooood! Excellent! That's right, well get 'em all, cause we don't need any of that stuff.

D: [talks about sending out his files and how to act on them]

A: Ah that's nice. You do that for all of them. Understand that we don't need any of that. We don't need to investigate. We have ways and means of knowing what's in everyone's information, everyone's computer, we don't need a thing. We do it in a different way. We need no physical material requirements at all. No machinery as you understand it.

D: Yeah, I mean ... this was my form of backup, so...

A: You do that because the people that are bugging you, if in fact these are even real people and not (knot in their holders ?), they're nothing, they don't exist. They're not worth a piece of used tissue paper far as we're concerned.

D: Well, this phone call I got was serious as a heart attack, but I can tell that you are too, and I ...

A: David, we're the sort of folk that don't follow you after the heart attack when you've died son, we'll be there on the other side to bother you again.

D: and K: (laughs)

A: So be assured, we can bother them irrespective of the deaths of their body. And don't talk about torture in this life, talk about torture in lives that goes for thousands of generations.

D: Well, I appreciate that.

A: Do you understand what I'm saying? You understand the depths of what we're talking about?

D: I do.

A: And this phone calls is coming from so far beyond the never-never you could never appreciate it.

K: [steers conversation back to the gold and asks A: if he knows why this 'group' is so fixated on 'this' gold] [no, no ... go back, go back! ~GLA <grin>]

D: [answers that it will expose 'everyone' involved and bring about a 'change' for worldly prosperity and remove them from power]

K: [asks for A:'s opinion]

A: Ahh, not too much ... they're some lovely ideals and we all hope it works out that way. It's hard ... when you make a omelet sometimes you've got to break a few eggs. But he's right about one thing, it doesn't matter what country you're in, where you're coming from, 99% of all the people in public office, all the people and all the folk that work in the civil service are genuine, caring folks, they really are lovely people ... and we care for those folks and want to see all the families happy. But it doesn't take too many rotten eggs or rotten apples to spoil a barrel or a dozen [?] there's always one that smells and causes the rot to set in. It's a problem.

K: Are you willing to address the situation with the bankers that's going on in Switzerland at all, or are you interested in talking about what's going on with the money around the world and tracing it?

[This wasn't addressed after the commercial and I wish it had been. Especially since Ms. V.K. Durham has been screaming her lungs out to every acronym on the globe about the bankster cabals, FED/UST and our government FRAUDULENTLY using her "one time only bonus commodity contract 3392 of April 14, 1875 through April 27, 1875 sold by 'Financial Agents of Peru' HOBSON HURTADO & CO. in New York, New York, U.S.A. on May 1, 1875 with supportive sovereign 'CERTIFICATE OF INDEBTEDNESS OF PERU' number 181 without coupons being currently held within the DURHAM HOLDING TRUST of DURHAM INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, Tias 12087 of Ida Grove, Iowa, USA." According to Ms. Durham, "When the Actuarial Services of the CIA calculated one side of the 7% interest (and notarized the calculations), at Locked Bullion Price at $420 per fine troy ounce per the "Contract" back in December of 1988, they calculated the amount due and payable, in American Gold Dollars, Gold Coin, Gold, Gold Bullion and/or Coin of the Realm (we chose GOLD BULLION as it was what was stipulated in the Guano/Manuevo Contract for Bonus 3392) on the Principle at $206,858,581,465,280,000,000.00. Double it, because the same identical amount is due on THE INTEREST." Ms. Durham further states, "The calculations threw the West Coast Fed. R. Bank computers out of whack, they could not reconcile the West Coast Fed. until mid 1997. This is well-known in the banking world." ~GLA]

[commercial 01:17:21 to 01:22:52]

K: [welcome back etc. begin again at 01:24:37] It's very rare that you come on in these circumstances or that anyone from your group comes on the air. Is there any kind of message you'd like to give people about these trying times in which we are in.

A: Well there's nothing I can say specifically. All I can say is that there's challenges ahead. Won't be easy. But if you keep yourself positive and keep by your family ... mind your family ... your family is everything. That is the way forward. We will survive. In 20 years time, we'll be in a different world, different place ... different feelings and different values. It will be so different it will be hard to comprehend. Many of these villains they'll be gone ... vanquished once and for all. But it takes many generations to get to this point let alone to get rid of the villains forever. ? the world this time.

K: There are many White Hats among you, including yourself, who are out there fighting the good fight and going behind the scenes, going into the darkness as I call it, in order to deal with the situation here. But they are fighting on our behalf, isn't that true?

A:Yes. Yes. It's very true.

K: Thank you, and we do appreciate it. [asks David to go back for the people tuning in with regard to Benjamin Fulford]

D: [gives title of article that started all this, and recaps what's in the article]

A: 01:30:52 (contemplative sigh) If they want to follow you David, you can drive wherever you want. I will find you. I can sit down from a satellite and watch you from anywhere. That's not the solution boy (meaning fleeing). The things you're talking about, a lot of things will be discussed about the Asian situation next year. But there are many dragons that are interested in the Phoenixes' rising. The Daughters of the Phoenix is coming back again and the folks listening will know what I'm talking about. They'll know that for 100 years or more this has all been planned and that the naughty boys will have to take their licking's. The accomplished number of 505 will really make the love of the world far more sensitive. And they'll know when I say that how serious I truly am. They'll go back to the agreements in 1943 of the second World War and many others that were signed as you mentioned [was 'humans' - corrected 01/12/12. Thanks for getting back to me Tots ~GLA] in the public version of the Bretton Woods agreement. But the dynasties and the Chang Ling's and the others, I've name dropped a little here, they'll all know that these silly little fellows shouldn't be bothering anyone. And you can all take it from me, that the folks hearing this know what I'm saying. I think it's enough for you to be worrying about now, eh? It's all done. It's all finalized. It's over.

K: Okay, so this situation with David at this time has been addressed. Is that what you're saying caller?

A: I feel it's done. It's mischief, eh? He's a man that should able to go on his quiet way and enjoy his business. And the gold of this world ma'am, don't worry about it, it'll all sort itself out. It's much more valuable to be used in industries than to be sitting around in a vault somewhere.

K: [agrees]...and I think that's a key statement right there, which maybe that reveals the level at which these people who've made the threats really are at because they don't understand the true use of the metal. Is that right caller, would you say?

A: There's a lot we don't tell them. I mean do you tell your dog what's going on in the front street of the morning street news or whatever? I mean why bother him with it, let him go and pick up the bones and fetch the paper for you.

K: and D: laughs

K: Oh god (chuckles) okay

A: Let's be serious, lass ... we don't want any problems with the good folk out there. We work quietly ... behind the scenes. The other fools are just little fools trying to grab a few million here and there. They're not worth worrying about. Understand, the only concern is for the protection of the human society as a whole. There's no distinction between countries or race or color. The human race and the genome is all. Forget all your nationalities, all your culture, all your prejudice ... it's all created to keep you busy ... to keep you occupied.

K: Actually, yes. Very wise words coming from a secret location in an indistinct place very, very far away. Ahhh, huhhh ... okay at this moment, [Kerry goes back to Maxine Taylor]

A: Ma'am, ma'am I'm sorry to interrupt you but I'm going to have to be going. David, five [5?] of my representatives will be landing in your country within 7 days. One of them will come visit you, don't worry about it, but we know everything about you, where to find you, what you number is, we know what your underpants size are. One of them will ask you how you are, you must tell them the truth, exactly the truth if anyone's bothered you, if you're stressed someone else has harassed you, you must tell them the truth. That's all.

D: I'm going to tell them exactly the truth.

A: And if you do that, you've honored your commitment to us. Just tell the truth.

D: Okay.

A: And then, say no more about it and then we'll take it from there.

D: Okay. Thank you very much.

A: Alright it was lovely speaking to you all, I must be going.

K: We'll be in touch with you and thank you for coming forward at this time and thank you for the group of White Hats that you represent.

A: Well, I do apologize it's the time of day it's a bit longer. The distance is actually a bit longer than what you'd expect so it is a bit of a time delay in the back and forth in the conversation.

K: (chuckles) Absolutely, we hear you. Okay, any parting words, Anonymous, for the listeners out there?

A: You tell your listeners that uh, all of your listeners, there are some difficult times ahead for everyone. I won't lie and say that ... but after those times the rainbows will be shining for everyone. Everyone on this planet will be shining in rainbows. Because there's no way we've put all this time and effort in to see this beautiful race damaged or destroyed. The human race will be on, in a million years it will be in glory that you can never appreciate. It'll be around. Good bye to you now and thank you very much and God be with every one of you.

A Note on Anonymous by Kerry Cassidy:

For the record, as I have stated on Avalon Forum... I do know Anonymous.. I invited him to come on the show. We did this in order to get a message out there to protect David. That mission was accomplished. At great personal risk Anonymous came forward. He is not from 'off world' as some surmised. He is very much one of us. By that I mean, he is a highly gifted human with ET roots as we all are.
It was my idea to bring on Anonymous (actually I called him immediately after I hung up with David and although I can't remember if I asked I remember he volunteered to come on the air and make sure the low level guys got the message). I was surprised he would risk everything to do this on the one hand but knowing how loyal and caring he was and how he could protect David (that is, contact those who could) I agreed. He then asked permission and sorted out a quick cover story.. and we arranged to have him call in on a special phone.

Note from Rayelan at Rumor Mill News concerning the identity of Anonymous:

BTW... the Scottish Irishman who was talking to David is the same Shamus who worked with me for over ten years and then married me off to Gunther. Shamus is a starship captain. He is Gunther's higher self and now that I have heard his again, I know where Gunther is these days! And I hope to hell those of you who know what he is capable of are shaking in your Texan boots!

Note from me:

I'm a Texan and feel sure Rayelan didn't mean anything derogatory toward Texan's in general. Let's not forget: There are bad guys from all over the world, not just Texas, and there are good guys from all over the world, including the Republic of Texas.

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