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Chapter II

1. SO, Tae gathered together orphan babes and castaway infants and foundlings, a great number.

2. And a woman named, Es, heard of Tae and his work, and she came to him, inquiring:

3. How can a man attend babes? Now, because I have heard of thy work, behold, I have come to thee to labor for our Father in heaven.

4. Tae said: Whoso would labor for our Father in heaven, let her do unto these little ones.

5. Es said: Even for that I am before thee; I beseech thee, put me to work.

6. Tae inquired: Knowest thou the care of infants? And she answered him, saying:

7. In such labor, alas, I have had no experience, but I know Jehovih will guide me aright; otherwise, He had not inspired my soul unto the work. All wisdom is possible through Jehovih.

8. Tae said: Such being thy faith, thou art the first chosen woman in the p. 806 Father's new kingdom. Go, therefore, and fulfill thy part, and may the Father be with thee.

9. So, Es went to work, accomplishing what was required unto the infants.

10. And Tae went again unto Uz, and brought hence more infants; many more than were possible unto the care of one woman.

11. So Tae issued a call, to wit:

12. Wanted, fifty men and women, who are Faithists in Jehovih, and are willing to take part in founding the Father's kingdom on earth as it is in heaven!

13. And there came in answer to Tae's call thousands and thousands of men and women.

14. And Tae cried out: O Jehovih, what shall Thy servant do? Behold, I asked for fifty men and women, and here are come thousands and thousands.

15. Jehovih answered Tae, saying: Try them My Son, and see if they be worthy. As many as are prepared, thou shalt accept; as many as are not prepared, thou shalt not accept. Behold, there is room for millions!

16. And Tae spake unto the multitude, saying: I called for fifty men and women and, lo, here are thousands, willing to take part in founding the Father's kingdom on earth.

17. Now, behold, when I saw your great number, I cried out: O Jehovih, what shall Thy servant do? I did ask for but fifty, and there are come here thousands and thousands.

18. And Jehovih answered, saying: Try them, my Son; as many as are prepared, accept; as many as are not prepared, accept not. Behold, there is room for millions.

19. Now, therefore, how say ye: What is the founding of the Fathers kingdom? Who here knoweth the way, and how to take part therein?

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