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Chapter XVIII

1. WHEN they drew near Zeredho, Ctu, with his ship and hosts, withdrew, duly saluting, and they sped on their journey. But Fragapatti halted on the borders of Zeredho and landed seven hundred millions of his hosts, the others remaining aboard.

2. Again the avalanza put forth. Fragapatti said: Now will I visit Yaton'te, Lord God of North Guatama, and see what he hath accomplished, and perchance he will accompany us to Ipseogee, to see Hapacha, my well-loved God of the West Wind.

3. Now, when they came to the sea of Ctevahwitich, they rose the avalanza fifty thousand miles, for the benefit of Hoab and his hosts, for here lieth the roadway of Tems, whither pass countless numbers of fleets filled with students in the dismembered warks belonging to the earth.

4. Here the students learn the process of condensation, and the process p. 221a of dissolution of meteoric stones and small planets, such as a mortal could walk around one of them in a day. On the outer extreme of this sea, the nebulae is in constant waves, where the vortices play, condensing and bursting, like whirlwinds on the earth or corporeal ocean.

5. Here Fragapatti explained, saying: In this thou shalt behold the wisdom of Jehovih, and the uniformity of His works. Here lieth the first belt away from the earth capable of having nebulae condensed into meteoric stones. All nebulae lying nearer than this to the earth's surface is either attracted to the earth or repulsed from it. Compute, therefore, the distance of this belt from the earth, together with its density, and thou shalt find that it is the same distance that the wark belts are, with the stars in the firmament of the size of the earth, and of its density and velocity. The first wark belt of the sun is, therefore, the place of its nearest planet; the second wark belt is the place of its next nearest planet, and so on; and these wark belts are all graded in distance accordingly as I have spoken.

6. Jehovih hath said: Two ways have I created for My mathematicians to prove My works; one is, to measure that which is near at hand, in order to determine that which is far off; the other is, to observe that which is far off, in order to determine that which is near. For, since man could not measure the wark belts of this world, I provided him with means to determine the wark belts of the sun, so that he might the better comprehend his own world.

7. That man might find still further evidence of the earth's wark belts, I created the nearest one with different densities, so that not every year on earth would be alike as to heat and cold. And in certain cycles of dan I condense the first wark belts so that the sun seemeth to mortals as if in eclipse. For it is upon this belt that My cycles of dan'ha give either light or darkness to mortals spiritually.

8. Let man compute My times for his own profit; I created the first wark to gain in rotation faster than the earth, one year for every eleven. So that when the wark hath made twelve of its own years, the earth shall have completed eleven years.

9. Fragapatti caused the avalanza to be driven in amidst a forest of whirlwinds, to illustrate and to explain, so that the hosts might observe. He said: Thou shalt perceive now, that such stones as are condensed beneath p. 222a the apex fall to the earth, whilst those ascending frequently rise toward the lighter plateau and explode, to be attracted back within the wark belt. This belt compareth unto the cloud belt near the earth. Thither the wind currents make rain-drops and snow-flakes; here the currents make the first nebulous formations that come under the name corpor.

10. Whilst Fragapatti was thus discoursing, the avalanza rocked to and fro, and many of the people perceived now, more than ever, the knowledge and power required by angels and Gods, to contend successfully with the elements. But the beauty and grandeur of these fountains, these fire-spouts, and whirlwinds on fire, together with the roar and whistling of the flying stones, so enraptured Hoab and his hosts, they could do naught but look and wonder at the glory thereof.

11. For seven days and seven nights did Fragapatti and his hosts travel in this wark belt, observing and studying these miniature worlds, creating and dissipating; and on the eighth day the avalanza was lowered beneath the currents, and they sailed direct for the kingdom of Yaton'te, Lord God of North Guatama, piloted by messengers well acquainted with the course. But not being in a much frequented roadway, they encountered few ships or processions of other Gods.

12. Yaton'te had been apprised of Fragapatti's coming, and had accordingly notified his kingdom, and summoned seventy of his Lords to his capital, which was named after himself. So Yaton'te commanded his otevan to be put in order and lighted, and having provided five hundred es'enaurs in addition to his crew, together with his Lords and ten thousand attendants, went forth to the borders of Hagak, a thousand miles, to meet Fragapatti.

13. But, lo and behold, the otevan was only as a small boat is to a ship, when compared to the avalanza. And, accordingly, when they approached each other, Fragapatti caused the front of the avalanza to be opened, and at this place the otevan entered within p. 223a the walls and was made fast. And the hosts of the otevan came out and were received with great joy by Fragapatti and his people.

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